CURRICULUM - START UP - BEFORE STARTING

WHO AM I ?    


Strengths & Weaknesses

It is very important to have a basic understanding of yourself before starting a company. What strengths can you build on and what weaknesses need support.

  Questionnaire >     Refer back to the printed copy of your Questionnaire. Under the Personal Profile/Historical Perspective section, there are a series of questions relating to you, your family and your childhood. These questions are only important in that statistics show that people are more likely to be successful at self-employment if one of their parents was self-employed and if their childhood was not all smooth sailing. These are interesting facts but they do not limit what you can do, no matter the circumstances of your background. Just be aware of the implications relating to important character traits such as determination to rise above one's status to a new level.

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  3 Key Character Traits >     We are all limited and enhanced by our personal character traits. These 3 character traits are critical to a successful self-employment career:


If you are significantly weak in any of these three areas, we suggest you re-think your commitment to starting a company.
  Determination and Perserverance >     "Determination" is having the internal resolve to start your company no matter what happens. Perseverance will see that no financial setbacks, problems at home or any other impediments will deter you from your goal. Your "stubbornness" that others may have found objectionable can now be put to good use. Persistence is part of determination. Keep trying until the problem is resolved.
  Work Ethic >     You may be used to working hard during your 9 to 5 job, 5 days a week. If you can continue with that same strong work ethic adding evenings and weekends, you'll have no problems with self-employment. Success requires hard work and total commitment. Hard work can also make up for other liabilities.
  Make Decisions  >     We've all made decisions in our life, but when you start a business, you'll be required to make hundreds of rapid-fire decisions, purchasing decisions, hiring decisions, publicity decisions, aesthetic decisions and a hundred other decisions relating to the path of your company. Harry Truman said, "The buck stops here" and indeed it does, right on your desk.

You'll want the facts, and you won't have them. Decisions must be made on a best efforts basis, moving ahead is what it important.

Consider this: are you an introvert or extrovert? Introverts like to consider all aspects of a decision. What are the ramifications if I do this or that. A little like a chess game where the introvert wants to see 10 moves ahead. On the other hand, the extrovert is action oriented. They go ahead and make decisions and let the chips fall where they will. Action people figure that if the decision turns out to be imperfect, they'll fix it later. Always get together all the facts you can and always consider the ramifications, but then make the decision and get on with it.

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